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Springboard Coaching is a boutique Management and Leadership Development Company, working with Managers through to Board Leaders to help them develop & learn pivotal performance skills, increase their management mojo and realise their full career potential.

Our expertise lies in enabling individuals and teams to challenge, explore and stretch their thinking through Executive Coaching, Personal Coaching, Career and Performance Development, and Leadership & Management training.


“Thank you so much for all your hard work in creating a successful forum. It was wonderful to work with someone who seemed to understand the heart of the project and who had the enthusiasm and ability to steer us towards a group vision. The feedback has been very positive and it gives us a real boost for working together in the future…I love your positivity and insight.”

Age Concern

“Working with Soraya really is a remarkable experience. She has a wonderfully natural and engaging approach, gently drawing out the real skills, ideas and passions that we have, usually lurking behind a lack of self confidence and belief. Through practical and thought-provoking actions, Soraya helps you to figure out what you really want to do and to see how to make this happen. Plus, it’s great fun along the way!”

Brand U workshop


Working Mothers

I’m really struggling at the moment to understand how working mothers manage to balance bringing up a family and progressing in their careers.
What I hear you say everything’s designed…..

Returning to Work After Starting a Family

What is the draw to get women to return to work after having a family? What’s the benefit to companies when they’ve been away for a while? And what’s in it for the mother?

The recent news that McKinsey and other consultancy groups are quietly trying to re-recruit women who have left their companies to start families is, I think, a very savvy move.