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Springboard Coaching is a boutique Management and Leadership Development Company, working with Managers through to Board Leaders to help them develop & learn pivotal performance skills, increase their management mojo and realise their full career potential.

Our expertise lies in enabling individuals and teams to challenge, explore and stretch their thinking through Executive Coaching, Personal Coaching, Career and Performance Development, and Leadership & Management training.


“Soraya is a great organisational diagnostician & therapist.”

“Soraya has been hugely supportive as I have been preparing to move onto the next stage of my career. It has been hugely beneficial to have robust, challenging and safe conversations about my performance and how I affect colleagues. Personally, Soraya has made me far more aware of my impact on others and how small changes in my behaviour are perceived by those around me. The discussions have always been wide ranging, rich but ultimately focused on how to improve my performance. During a tough journey I feel she has guided me well.  Finally, where Soraya stands apart from others I have worked with is the positive strength she brings and how it always leaves you feeling renewed with enthusiasm and keen to take on the next challenge”


Working Mothers

I’m really struggling at the moment to understand how working mothers manage to balance bringing up a family and progressing in their careers.
What I hear you say everything’s designed…..

Returning to Work After Starting a Family

What is the draw to get women to return to work after having a family? What’s the benefit to companies when they’ve been away for a while? And what’s in it for the mother?

The recent news that McKinsey and other consultancy groups are quietly trying to re-recruit women who have left their companies to start families is, I think, a very savvy move.