Strategies to Reduce Stress and Pressure

Identify if it is really stress that you are feeling or could it be pressure or anxiety?

Take personal responsibility for how you are feeling avoid blaming others.

Control your self-talk – are you being a ‘Champion’ or a ‘Victim’? Is the situation really so difficult or  are you reverting back to past situations? How would the situation be different if you viewed it as a glass half full?

Be innovative/creative in your thinking. Don’t focus on everything being a problem but ask yourself what would the solution look like.

Relax in your lunch break even if its just 10 minutes. Change your environment, stretch or go for a walk to aid relaxation and to get a different perspective.

Avoid putting too much pressure on yourself to do things perfectly or to feel that you need to keep up with the Jones’!

Plan your time well. What is really urgent and what is really important? We all enjoy a challenge but be realistic in the goals you set.

Communicate – Ask for what you reasonable need, don’t try and be a hero. Think about how you could delegate or ask others for support.

Learn to say ‘No’ to extra requests or demands, explaining why and when you may be able to do it. Help find a solution.

Nurture a good social network both within and outside work. Help to build a culture of empathy, listening and positivity.

Make time in your week to find some relaxation time for yourself whether that’s exercise, making cakes or watching the footie. Ask yourself what did I use to do to relax and how can I reintroduce