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I’m really struggling at the moment to understand how working mothers manage to balance bringing up a family and progressing in their careers.
What I hear you say everything’s designed…..

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Women Returning To Work

What is the draw to get women to return to work after having a family? What’s the benefit to companies when they’ve been away for a while? And what’s in it for the mother?

The recent news that McKinsey and other consultancy groups are quietly trying to re-recruit women who have left their companies to start families is, I think, a very savvy move.

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meaning conference

Earlier this month I went to a conference in Brighton run by the innovative Nixon McInnes on the theme of ‘Meaning’

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Until recently evidence on how our brains work was still confined to the neuroscientists. Good news for all of us is that more and more of this work is being published and put into a context that we all can understand.

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Identify if it is really stress that you are feeling or could it be pressure or anxiety? Take personal responsibility for how you are feeling avoid blaming others. Control your self-talk – are you being a ‘Champion’ or a ‘Victim’?

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