Executive Coaching

Working one to one we have a unique, results focused structure. Core to this is the coaching process that helps individuals to explore their thoughts and behaviours, and gain insights into how they can accelerate their development. If we feel that an individual would benefit from deeper understanding of management processes or leadership skills for instance, we provide information to help them learn these skills. Actions and accountability are woven into the whole process to in-bed learning and practice of new skills.

Development Areas

Focusing on the development areas and agreeing the measurable outcomes are the first step in the process. Below are examples of some of the development areas clients are aiming to achieve:

“This eye-opening coaching came at just the right time for me. Becoming conscious of my personal values helped me figure out what I wanted to get out of work. A truly inspiring person with a brilliant way of looking at things and our sessions helped me recognise my achievements and identify ways to stretch myself. I’d recommend Soraya to anybody who wants to get genuine satisfaction out of working life and go home a happier person”

Account Director:

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